5 Best Fitness Gifts For The Gym Lover In Your Life

Christmas gifts with blue sport dumbbells

The Best Fitness Gifts For Your Gym Friends Do you have a gym lover in your life? Someone who just can’t resist the temptation of a good workout? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Finding the perfect gift for someone who loves the gym can be a fun and exciting challenge. Whether…

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The Best Home Workout Equipment Recommended by Trainers

Working out at home

Home Workout Equipment to Consider You may be working hard to become healthier as holiday festivities are right around the corner, and the best part is you can do it in the comfort of your home. Finding the right gear doesn’t need to be complicated.  Our team at Carter’s Home Gym of NY is here…

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What Home Gym Equipment is Best for Cardio?

Running on treadmill

It’s no secret that most kinds of exercise are good for your heart and body. Most regular workouts help lower your risk of high blood pressure, thus decreasing the risk of heart disease. But, what does this the best is undoubtedly cardio exercise! Besides helping your heart, cardio promises joint and brain health, muscle gain,…

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Pilates Reformers: Your Secret Weapon to a Lean and Sexy Body

pilates reformer workout

Carter’s Home Gym(B2B), from Long Island NY, offers the option to rent or buy a Pilates Reformer for your home or office. They specialize in putting together complete gym rental packages that are flexible and customizable. Check the bottom of this post for contact info. Developing minor muscles naturally helps to strengthen major muscles. – Joseph…

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