The Best Lacrosse Gym Design For Quick Athletes

how to design the best lacross gym for your travel team

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Designing the best Lacrosse Gym design for your school or lacrosse travel team is critical to your team’s success. In this article, I will provide you with a pro lacrosse player’s perspective on how to design a lacrosse gym so that it is specific to the athlete’s needs.

A well-designed lacrosse gym will ensure that you improve the athlete’s functionality, power, flexibility, and range of motion. This will increase their speed, quickness, and agility. A lacrosse workout will also prevent injuries and improve your athlete’s performance.

Specific Training For The Best Lacrosse Gym Design

Designing a lacrosse gym is not as simple across training equipment or having some rubber flooring, agility ladders, and cones strewn about your turf room. These are different types of athletes that require varying degrees of lacrosse strength training. Not to mention many different types of exercises that will benefit the athlete in their specific sport.

With these tips, you will be able to help your players get better at lacrosse fast by setting up your lacrosse training facility for success. I hope that this helps you to prevent injuries in your athletes and improve their game.

It is essential that you train athletes specific to an all-star lacrosse workout to maximize their performance.

Power, Flexibility, Range of motion, and agility are all essential components to playing lacrosse at a high level.

5 Reasons To Design A Lacross-Specific Gym

Designing a Lacross-Specific Gym will improve your athlete’s performance and prevent injuries.

Let’s look at a few reasons why you should train lacrosse athletes in a Lacrosse specific gym:

a girl performing lacrosse training
A young girl playing the sport of lacrosse
  1. You train the body to move a certain way. – You train a lacrosse player to have explosive starts, quick acceleration, and changes of direction. They will not be able to do this on a standard track as effectively as they will on the field.
  2. You develop power specific to the game of lacrosse. – In a lacrosse gym, you can mimic the sprinting patterns as well as jumping and cutting needed to excel in the sport. Lacrosse is one of the only high contact sports where you have a stick in your hands. Athletes should train with a stick to developing their quickness and ball handling.
  3. You train muscles to work together – The nature of your training should mimic the dynamic movements in lacrosse. Every movement on the field is done explosively, quickly, and with multiple direction changes. A lacrosse-specific gym will develop these quick movements necessary for the game.
  4. Your joints become more flexible and mobile – When training on different surfaces, your body is required to absorb shock differently. On a track, you are running on 2 hard surfaces which does not mimic the running patterns on the field. A lacrosse player is required to adjust to different surfaces while running so being able to train on turf or grass can be very beneficial.
  5. You increase your range of motion – In a lacrosse game, you are required to work lower and upper body strength. You can do this in any gym but it’s beneficial when you are training in the same environment you will be playing in. The more comfortable an athlete feels while running or jumping, the better they will perform on the field.

How To Set Up The Best Lacrosse Gym in A Traditional Gym

If you have a lacrosse-specific gym, congratulations. You have the best training gear to increase speed and quickness in an athlete. If you have a traditional gym, try implementing the following training drills into your lacrosse speed training program.

Having an agility ladder in your lacrosse training center can improve hip quickness

Agility ladder – This is an excellent way to create quickness in the hips. It also is good for strengthening calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. The ladder will help improve footwork which is vital to an athlete’s speed and quickness.
Jumpsoles – Jumping off one leg is a huge part of lacrosse. Jumpsoles are a great way to work on the single-leg jump. They are also good for strengthening core muscles and increasing leg strength.
Medicine ball – Med balls are a great way to develop rotational strength which is critical to lacrosse. They can be thrown overhead, at the wall, or in a partner. They can be used for upper or lower body strengthening and rotational drills.

Exer balls – These are great for core strength and balance. When training with them you should limit the amount of weight you use. Because they are unstable, if you hold too much weight, your body will compensate and you won’t be able to work on the correct muscles.

Plyo boxes – This is a great way to improve quickness as well as help build power. Try doing a box jump and then immediately do a split lunge, this will work your lower body quickly and efficiently.
Resistance bands – Using resistance bands is a great way to increase power. You can use them for upper or lower body exercises. It’s great to use them with plyo boxes and med balls. It will help increase speed and quickness as well as power.

“If something stands between you and your success, move it. Never be denied.” – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, actor and pro wrestler

So, if you train the body to move a certain way, you will be training players for speed and quickness. You may not have a lacrosse-specific gym but you can use these training aids to create a dynamic workout that will help improve your speed and quickness on the field.

The Best Lacrosse Goalie Workout For Speed & Athleticism

setting up your lacrosse training facility for lacrosse goalies and game preparation
Lacrosse goalies and game preparation

An effective workout for lacrosse goalies and game preparation has to start with you getting better at running. This is the primary movement the goalie must do when he/ she is in possession of the ball. A lacrosse goalie can never be too good at running, running fast, and running fast while changing directions. Set up exercises to increase your speed and agility.

A great beginner exercise is sprinting on turf – Out and back (30 yards) – Sprint 10 yards, turn around, and sprint 30 yards back. This is a basic running drill that helps in building up your speed and increasing power in your legs. To add more of a challenge, set cones 5 yards apart on the 30-yard distance. Sprint to the first cone, touch it, run back to the starting line. Repeat this 5 times and you will get a great workout for your legs while going all out in a short time.

Improve Leg & Shoulder Strength

Another important factor to consider to improve your athleticism as a lacrosse goalie is the ability to jump. A lacrosse goalie has to be able to jump short and high. The most athletic position for a lacrosse goalie might be when they are in mid-air while going to save a ball. It is an incredible sight being able to see a goalie jump from the crease and take a shot out the air. It is even more impressive when they land and immediately take off in the opposite direction to get into position to save another shot.

Jumping also takes great leg strength, which can be developed in the weight room.

Shoulder strength is another component that needs to be developed by the lacrosse goalie. A good workout for shoulder strength is to do push-ups with your arms at a 45-degree angle. You can use the same motion during a pushup to make your legs stronger. Push-ups combined with plyometrics will help you achieve this goal.

The Best Lacrosse Gym Design For Fast & Quick Athletes – How We Can Help

If you are a coach, athlete, or parent of an athlete who is serious about their lacrosse strength training and wants to improve your game significantly, then having the right facilities for training at home is essential.

A well-designed gym will help your athletes build strength in specific areas that they need it most. It will also give them the opportunity to work on improving flexibility and range of motion without causing injury.

Whether you are a coach or an athlete, it is important to design the best lacrosse gym for your team.

If you want professional help designing and installing the perfect space for your team’s needs, then Contact Carters Home Gym(Business2Business). Our goal is to create the most functional spaces possible so that our clients can improve athletes’ performance.

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