Gym Design For Assisted Living Facilities

Seniors training in gym at senior living facility

Gym Design For Assisted Living Facilities is important for people who are getting old or have disabilities. It is often the only option they have to maintain their physical fitness levels and well-being.

In the past five years, senior living communities have been providing a plethora of services to our senior citizens. As a result, their demand for an active lifestyle has increased exponentially. One way that these elderly patients can stay fit and healthy is by exercising. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for them to find the motivation needed to exercise on their own. This is where the fitness centers come in.

Gym Equipment and Design For Senior Living Centers – How to Choose The Equipment

When choosing exercise equipment for a senior living community, one should consider what amenities are important to them. Is it more beneficial for them to have several pieces of cardio equipment or would they rather have multiple weight machines? Another key indicator of what type of exercise equipment to purchase for our senior patients is their specific health conditions.

Monitor Heart Rates At Your Assisted Living Facility
Monitor Heart Rates At Your Assisted Living Facility

This is one of the greatest challenges that we see is designing a rehabilitation gym for senior care centers. These patients are generally on some type of medication, so it is important to take into account what stimulants they may be on when deciding what types of equipment should be included in your senior fitness center.

For example, if someone is taking dopamine agonists, it wouldn’t be advisable to have them use equipment that is vibrating. If they are on an MAOI, they probably shouldn’t be using exercise machines with a high impact or cardiovascular aspect.

Gym equipment for elderly patients can also be used to monitor their health. By tracking how many steps they take, the amount of water they drink, or their heart rate, doctors are able to more accurately prescribe treatment plans based on real-world data. This allows them to have more of a background in what is actually going on with their patient’s health.

To better understand the specific health concerns and preferences your senior care center patients might be dealing with, you should contact their primary physician. They will be able to provide you with a thorough outline of the type of equipment that should be present in your center. In addition, they can provide you with a list of exercises that would be ideal for your patients.

Gym Design For Senior Care Centers & Safety

One of the greatest concerns in designing a gym for senior care centers is safety. Our patients are generally frailer than your average patient, so equipment that makes them feel safer is important. For example, if you are building a senior living center gym, it would be advisable to have at least one piece of cardiovascular equipment that is motorized, so there is no chance of them falling off.

Another key component to designing a senior fitness center is the environment. It is important to make sure that your senior care patients are comfortable and can easily navigate around all of the gym equipment you will be providing for them. This is why it’s a great idea to have handrails present on all cardio equipment and weight machines.

Exercise Equipment For Seniors & Assisted Living Facilities – What To Look For When Designing The Facilities

Fitness equipment for older adults and senior living is a must, but it’s also important to consider the room itself. Is it going to be a dedicated room or will there just be a corner? How much space do we have? Will there be windows? These are all questions that need to be asked, especially if your building is on a budget.

The design of the gym equipment should also include ergonomics and safety features. It’s important to look at workout machines and make sure there isn’t too much weight placed on one side or another. If the patient is supposed to stand while exercising, there should be a handlebar for them to grab onto. It’s also key to make sure the equipment is easy to clean and maintain.

Yoga in a Senior Living Fitness Center
Yoga in a Senior Living Fitness Center

If your retirement community doesn’t have the space to dedicate a room to exercise equipment, then items like yoga mats, dumbbells, and resistance bands can do just as good of a job. It’s important to have at least one area designated for seated exercise since chairs are the most common way to help your patients.

Gym Equipment For Assisted Living – Final Thoughts

The reality is that our senior citizens are one of America’s greatest assets. They have fought in wars, they’ve built schools, worked hard their whole lives, and now it’s time for us to provide them with affordable housing and a place where they can have fun spending their golden years. Assisted living facilities are already providing numerous other services to our senior citizens, including medical care and rehabilitation. It makes sense that we should provide them with the tools needed to keep themselves healthy as well.

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