Are Fitness Facilities The Best Airbnb Amenity?

Private gym in luxury home

When it comes to providing the best Airbnb amenity, you have a choice between what amenities to provide your guests. Generally, the more expensive the rental unit, the more amenities it provides. This certainly makes sense – nobody wants to pay top dollar for a place that’s not even equipped with a kitchenette. But what you might not have considered is that including a top-of-the-line fitness facility as an amenity might be what you need to reach your goals.

Health & Wellness Amenities Travelers Value Most

what amenities travelers value most
Adding extra amenities to your Airbnb adds value

After analyzing guess demands, more and more people are looking for amenities in their vacation rentals to help them stay on track with health and wellness goals. This is especially true for those that live a healthy lifestyle but can’t always maintain it when on vacation. And in the fitness industry, there’s no better way to stay in shape than with an Airbnb gym. In fact, it’s one of the amenities travelers value most.

The fact of the matter is, if your goal is to encourage guests to book your place for longer periods of time, this could be just what you need. Visitors will want to get their money’s worth by staying for a longer period of time. The longer they stay, the more value you get out of it.

But your investment in an on-demand fitness center doesn’t stop there – it will pay dividends long after your place is booked too.

In fact, it could be the deciding factor in whether your guests love their experience so much that they keep coming back. This may sound like a stretch, but there’s no denying the connection between feeling good and returning to places where you felt good.

Why a Fitness Facility is the Best Airbnb Amenity For Targeted Guests

Another great thing about having an on-demand fitness center is that you can target specific types of travelers. The type of guests you can attract are:

fitness facilities are amenities travelers value most
Health-Conscious Family Travelers In Airbnb Fitness Facility
  • Sports Teams – Sports teams typically don’t want to stay in a place that doesn’t provide them with the amenities they need. Having access to your home gym makes for an excellent selling point when trying to attract teams.
  • Health Enthusiasts – People who are into health and fitness tend to be very selective about where they stay. They would want to know that your rental unit provides them with full access so they can keep up their workout regime.
  • Families – Most people these days have become increasingly health-conscious, which means parents are more likely to look for places with amenities that help them maintain a healthy lifestyle for their families. This includes places with access to personal trainers, home gyms, healthy food, and other health amenities.
  • Marathon training and triathlon athletes These guests tend to travel a lot in order to train for their events. It would be beneficial for them to stay at rentals that have access to personalized training equipment.
  • Solo Travelers If you set up your bnb with the proper community amenities, these types of guests are likely to come back to your place again and again.
  • Coworking Events – If you organize coworking events, including your own Airbnb gym in the rental units would give an excellent selling point. to people looking for places to stay while attending these events.

This list is not exhaustive, but you get the gist.  Having a fitness center in your home will open the door to a much broader range of travelers.

Airbnb Fitness Facilities- The Bottom Line and How We Could Help

A Fitness center in your home can help boost occupancy rate and attract a variety of guests that will stay longer and return again. Having an on-demand fitness lab is one of the best amenities you can have for renters.

And the best thing about it? You can lease all the equipment and have it maintained for a fraction of the cost of buying it.

Contact us for a free quote. We have the experience to design a new modern gym (or upgrade your existing one) so that you can maximize your occupancy rate.

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