Muscle Deluxe 5 Stack Jungle Gym




The Muscle Deluxe 5 Stack Jungle Gym features a 2.5”x 4.5” rugged, 11 gauge steel oval tubing for a durable and beefy appearance. Each station comes with an instructional placard featuring clear directions for easy use. The multi chin grips are fabricated with a smooth rubber finish and high-tech aluminum ends and collars for a comfortable and secure grip during your workout. The equipment also features 2,000 lb. test cables with a durable vinyl coating and Allen head fittings for a reliable and long-lasting workout experience.

  • Option allows substitution of 1 Hi/Low Adjustable Pulley column to replace the Tricep Pressdown Station found on the Deluxe 5 Stack Version B (MDM-5SB)
  • 176” L x 134” W x 94” H, 2090 lb
  • 447 cm x 340 cm x 239 cm, 948 kg

Stations Include:

  • 1 Lat Pulldown – 260 lb
  • 1 Low Row – 260 lb
  • 1 Tricep Pressdown – 190 lb
  • 2 Adjustable Hi/Low Pulleys – 190 lb Each

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