Leg Press/Calf Raise Combo (Muscle D)




With the Leg Press/Calf Raise Combo, you can get a total leg workout. The machine has Leg Presses to give you a great stretch for your Calf muscles, and the EZ handgrip adjustable seat/backrest allows you to adjust to different pre-stretch positions.

Plus, the compound cam magnifies weight resistance so you can really feel the burn. And don’t worry about your hands with the comfortable and convenient hand grips. This machine also has a 200 lb solid steel, precision weight stack so you can customize your workout exactly how you want it.

Using the Leg Press/Calf Raise combo you can:

  • Get a total leg workout
  • Stretch your calf muscles with the Leg Presses
  • EZ handgrip adjustable seat/backrest that adjusts to different pre-stretch positions
  • Feel the burn of this machine’s compound cam magnifying weight resistance

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