Assisted Chin Dip (Muscle D)




Looking to sculpt and tone your back muscles? Look no further than the Assisted Chin Dip machine by Muscle D. This innovative machine features wide or narrow chin grip handles to allow for a variety of exercises, as well as dip handles that rotate in and out for different attacks on the triceps.

The knee platform is also adjustable, so you can work your muscles without assistance or use the included steps to reach them more easily. Plus, with its precision bearings and quiet operation, this machine is sure to give you the best workout possible.

With The Assisted Chin Dip Machine expect to:

  • Tone and sculpt your back muscles
  • Get a great workout with precision bearings and quiet operation
  • Emotional benefits:
  • Look better in tank tops and summer dresses
  • Surprise yourself with how strong you’ve become

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