The Best Hotel Gym Design Ideas For 2022

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If you are trying to decide on hotel gym design ideas for 2022, there are so many things to consider. Hotel guests come in all shapes and sizes, so your gym design should be able to accommodate everyone to offer the best guest experience possible.

Additionally, think about the type of high-end hospitality and hotel gym equipment you want to include and what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Here are some of the current trends in hotel gym design for 2022.

Custom Equipment and Free Weights

By installing custom gym equipment and free weights, hotel guests will be able to tone and sculpt their muscles. Furthermore, you may want to focus on certain areas of the body related to your hotel’s theme. For example, if your hotel fitness center is near a beach or water park, then you could install rowing machines or water-resistance equipment.

If your hotel is a mountain resort, then you could install a climbing wall. You can also purchase equipment that mimics outdoor activities like kayaking or archery.

Customized Fitness Programs

If you want to encourage guests to work out, then consider adding customized fitness programs to your hospitality business gym. Not only will this help hotel guests reach their goals, but it will also earn you extra revenue. You could even host classes or personal training sessions for guests who prefer one-on-one instruction.

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A yoga studio is a great way to offer spiritual and physical renewal at your hotel. If you decide to include a studio, then you could hire a yoga instructor or create your own custom classes and train other staff members to be instructors. This will give your gym an added dimension and attract guests looking for spiritual renewal.

Hotel Gyms & Recreation Environmental Design

Your hotel gym should reflect your target audience, theme and the surrounding environment. For example, if you’re located in a busy urban area or by the beach, then choose bright colors like blue or green. If you’re located near a forest or lake, then select earth tones like brown or tan. You can also use natural materials like wood to create an outdoor atmosphere.

Guest-Friendly Flooring

Your hotel guests should be able to walk across the floors without slipping or tripping in their workout clothes or bare feet. Therefore, make sure your gym’s flooring is non-slip and has enough traction for workouts that may include running or jumping.

Exercise At-Your-Own Pace

For guests who want to exercise at their own pace, consider installing areas that offer group exercises or classes. However, if you have a small fitness center and few rooms for classes, then focus on making cardio equipment readily accessible to all hotel guests.

Guest Technology Enhancements

You can add technology enhancements for a best in class hotel gym design. This will suit guests who seek virtual assistance with their workout. For example, you could install fitness equipment that connects to televisions so guests can watch TV while they exercise. You could even give them access to streaming services like Amazon Prime Video or Spotify so they can enjoy music during each session.

Guest-Friendly Hotel Workout Room Lighting

Your hospitality business gym should be bright and energy-efficient. Thus, you may want to choose LED lighting overhead or near cardio equipment. Furthermore, consider installing lights around staircases so guests can find their way easily in the dark.

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Connectivity With Hotel Gym Renovations

Since hotel guests are always on the go, exercise equipment should sync with fitness apps to make tracking progress easier. This feature will also allow guests to share their workout results online and compete against other users.

You can even offer prizes for the guest who reaches the most milestones within a certain time frame. You can also install televisions, sound systems or wireless headphones to keep guests entertained.

Hotel Fitness Trends & Design

When planning your hotel fitness offer, make sure it stands out from other gyms your guests may have visited in the past. For example, if you want to create a boutique fitness concept, then you could install custom equipment and fitness programs.

On the other hand, if you want to create an outdoor resort vibe, then you could include a yoga studio, customizable fitness programs and environmental design elements like natural materials and foliage.

Luxury Hotel Health Club Design and How We Can Help

The decision to design a hotel gym is an important one. What are your goals for the space? Do you want it to be more of a social or private area in the hotel, do you have any special considerations based on guests’ needs and health conditions, what kind of equipment will work best with your budget?

If these questions seem overwhelming, give us a call. We can help walk through all aspects of designing this type of high-end hospitality amenity. Contact Carter’s Home Gym today to learn how we can partner with you on creating the perfect fitness experience for your guest at home away from home.

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