Selectorized Inner & Outer Thigh Machine (Muscle D)




Looking to chisel your inner and outer thighs? Look no further than the Selectorized Seated Row from Muscle D. This innovative product features a new foot platform to back legs, large thigh pads that swivel for quick change between inner and outer thigh exercises, and a handle release that allows the arms to swing in and out for respective exercises.

The contoured seat ensures greater comfort while doing inner & outer thigh work, while the 160 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin guarantees maximum resistance and results. So what are you waiting for? Give the Selectorized Seated Row a try today!

With the Selectorized Inner & Outer Thigh Machine you can expect to:

  • Tone your thighs quickly and easily
  • Get a great workout in comfort
  • Surprise yourself with how quickly you see results
  • Enjoy working out and seeing your hard work pay off

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