Muscle D Flight Trainer




The Muscle D Flight Trainer is a versatile machine that provides a complete workout for your upper body. It isolates your deltoids, pectoral, and back muscles, giving you a well-rounded workout. The magnetic selector pin makes it easy to change exercises, while the workout charts display the exercises you can perform. This multifunction machine offers well over 12 exercises, so you can target all of your upper body muscles. The bilateral and unilateral arm motions make it easy to target both sides of your body, ensuring that you get a balanced workout.

  • Multiple starting angle adjustments.
  • Cam delivers an even load throughout the exercise motion.
  • Cushioned headrest allows great positioning for rear deltoid, lat, and chest crossover exercises.
  • Spacious foot platform for anatomically correct multiple body positioning.
  • Width: 31in/79 cm
  • Length: 56 in/142 cm
  • Height: 78 in/198 cm
  • Weight: 560lb/254 kg
  • Weight Stack(in 10lb increments) 160 lb/73 kg

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