Batca Smith Trainer

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The Link Smith Trainer is the all-in-one workout station for strength training at home. It includes a free bar safety catch, allowing you to safely lift and lower the bar without holding onto it. The Chin Up/Dip Station lets you perform chin-ups and dips easily, while the OlympicBar Storage Holder keeps your barbells organized and within reach. The Ultra Smooth Linear Bearings provide a smooth and stable movement for your weights, and the IntegratedWeight Holder keeps your plates securely in place. With its many features and sturdy construction, the Power Rack is the perfect workout machine for any home gym.

  • Free Bar Safety Catches
  • Free Bar Racking Every Five Inches
  • Chin Up/Dip Station
  • Olympic Bar Storage Holder
  • Ultra Smooth Linear Bearings
  • Integrated Weight Holder

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